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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nearly 6 weeks old

We've added an Adventure Box designed by Avidog International to the puppies play routine - very easy to build and I downloaded the free plans off the internet.  The plans were for Golden Retrievers so I think I could have made it smaller.  Hang items that aren't sharp and that make noise.  You can feed the puppies in the middle of the box so they have to go through the items hanging or just put the box off to the side for them to play on their own.  We are still adding items to our box.  Suggestions are new quart paint cans, plastic putty knives, good quality plastic cups or ramekins, 6' length of garden hose, 18" lengths of 1/2" pvc pipe.

Pictured above is the larger male playing with the dowel, then left front is the other male.  The 3 on the right are the girls.

The two males are on the right in the picture above.  

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